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The Cow Parade Public Art Collection

We are pleased to present you the latest CowParade® collection, including any new arrivals from our worldwide events.


The Story of The Cow Parade®

Cow Parade Collection 2 1-29-16Everyone has a story, and we’re no different. It’s just that our story involves a herd of life-size fiberglass cows, many very talented artists and the art-loving public around the globe.

The first CowParade® was held in Zurich in 1998, with the aim of showcasing local artistic talent and bringing some life to the streets of the city.

The rest is history, with monumental events taking place in Chicago in 1999 and New York in 2000, followed by events in many of the world’s most exciting and unique cities in years since.

CowParade® has brightened the streets of cities in every ontinent of the world, and the parade continues with new events.

So far, more than 70 cities have participated with over 10,000 artists involved in the design of more than 5,000 cows. Over 100 million people have seen a CowParade! Simply, CowParade® has become the world’s largest public art event.